Elemental Earth Star Empowerment
Prerequisite: Atlantian Crystal Activation and Crystal Skull, this is the third in the Series.

The Elemental Earth Star Empowerment is the final system in the Atlantian and Gaia Trilogy of Energy systems.  During your attunements to the Atlantian Crystal Activation and Crystal Skull Activation you were connected to higher bands of Energy as well as the higher aspect of yourself (your higher self).

Now is the time to anchor and draw upon the energies of our Mother Earth to help ground yourself and to tap into the unlimited energies that Mother Earth has to offer to clear and cleanse all levels of your being.

One of the benefits that you will receive from accepting this attunement is that you will become whole in yourself and be able to balance the masculine and feminine energies within yourself.  You will also gain a stronger connection to Mother Earth.  Through using the energy of the elements of nature you will bring healing not only to yourself and mankind, but also to Mother Earth.

This attunement is part of a trilogy:

The Atlantian Crystal Activation
The Crystal Skull Attunement
The Elemental Earth Star

Founder:  Jay Burrell