Bear Empowerment

This attunement connects you to Bear who teaches the purpose and need for introspection, which is necessary to accomplish your dreams and goals.  You will learn to tune yourself into the energies of the Earth.  The Great Void contains the solutions and answers to live in harmony and Bear can teach you how to access this place.  Bear is connected to the Dream Lodge where ancestors can give you advice about alternative pathways.

You can learn to prophesy through this system.  Bear medicine teaches you to walk the path of silence and calm the internal chatter that can help with imagination and consciousness.

A list of the major bear species and their traits that you will be attuned to is included in the manual.  This system can teach you to become familiar with Totem Animals and how to show reverence and respect to the Animal Spirits by welcoming them and acknowledging their wisdom and medicine.  You will learn about the use of a Totem Stone to connect with your Animal Totem and how to encounter your Animal Totem during the Dream Time or in meditation through a visualization for connection.

Founder:  Brenda “Silverwolf” Hanlon