Enchanted Ruby Essence Energy

Ascended Master:  Buddha

Some uses:

Brings fire into your life; find focus, clarity and wisdom; keep you motivated; find strength to resist self-destructive patterns; power shield against harmful intentions; help manifest the correct outcome in sticky legal disputes or personal conflicts; guards again psychic or physical attack; promotes lucid dreaming; removes sense of limitation; strengthens courage, self-less work, all spiritual endeavors, joy and leadership qualities; reduces resentment at having to care for others; when worn during magick rituals increases energies; worn to increase warmth of the body; assists in beginning huge projects; aids creativity; encourages you to follow your bliss;  energizes and cleanses the blood of toxins; stimulates the adrenal gland; improves circulation and fights internal infections.

Founder:  Gabriela Yasmine Szafman

This attunement is sent by chi ball only.