Green Trilogy


There are three levels in this attunement.  Each level has one symbol associated with it.

Level one:  Greenman:

The Greenman energies are connected to Nature Devas.  The Greenman is an Earth Spirit, a wild and raw energy of Nature. He often appears to those he trusts, in the form of a Tree or Bush.  His blessings are fertility and bountiful crops.  The symbol can help you to communicate with plants.  This level helps with fertility, gardening, healing Mother Earth, prosperity and joy.

Level two:  Green Fairy

The Green Fairy is a Nature fairy that is able to meld in and out plants.  The magickal Green Fairies can help you with healing yourself, animals and others as well as connecting you to the energies of youthfulness, happiness and laughter.  The Green Fairy can also help you to clear your aura.  The symbol at can help to increase the energies of your magickal workings and a ritual is provided to assist with your endeavors.

Level three:  Power of the Green

This level connects you to the magickal energies of the Plant Kingdom and Mother Nature.  These energies can assist you with healing, magick, love and abundance.  A basic list of herbs and plants is discussed that correspond with various magickal workings.

The energies of each level of this system can be used separately or together for power healing, magick and joy!

Founder:  Linda Colibert