Healing Flush Empowerments
*Healing Flush Empowerments 1 & 2:  Healing Flush for Physical Problems
This level is the first in a series of three healing flushes.  It is designed to help heal physical ailments such as colds and flu.    Level one works to remove negative energy and clear imbalances in the physical system, assisting in the creation of greater overall health.

*Healing Flush Empowerments 3 & 4:  Healing Flush for Emotional Problems
This level is the second in the series.  It works to remove emotional blockages and strengthen the emotional body so that you may become more resilient to emotional stress and disappointment.

*Healing Flush Empowerments 5 & 6:  Healing Flush for Spiritual Integration
The third level is for the spiritual energies that are the culmination of the first two levels.  It works to clear karma and negative imprints on the soul, and enhances your spiritual connection.

All three levels are very simple to use and work via intention.  They are designed to work together.  They work very well with Reiki and each level can be combined with a particular Reiki symbol given in the manual.

Founder:  Stephanie Brail