The Enchanted Faery Goddess Within - Healling The Mythic Self Series

This attunement helps you to draw passion and romance into your life, whether it is a newlove or reigniting the passion in an existing one.

This Healing system will work on an area of your Mythic Goddess Self. This is first of a series of three of the Mythic Goddess Aspects of Self. In this System, the focus is the Faery Goddess within you or your ‘Inner Faery’. The Faery symbolizes what is deeply embedded in your psyche, your Inner Faery, the Magical, Enchanting aspect of you that is unique and brings JOY to the world. This healing system will attune you to the Great Magic and Enchantment of the loving and benevolent Faeries and Faery Goddesses so that you can recognize and ignite your Inner Fairy Magic. This will rekindle your sense of Magic and Imagination so that this aspect of you really begins to come to the surface in your life. This will greatly enrich your life!

The energies of this healing system are very feminine relationship. There is also a unique clearing that you can run anytime to remove anything blocking you from allowing Your Enchanting Fairy Goddess from emerging.

The Inner Faery Goddess is confident and she prizes independence, is charming, engaging, charismatic, feminine, and loves attention and being in the limelight of her true love or romantic interest. Perhaps you have lost this aspect of yourself and just need to reawaken it so that you can get the love, attention and limelight you need in your love life. It is easy to lose touch with this aspect of yourself when you walk between the worlds of romantic life and professional life as many of us do these days.

You will learn to program a rose quartz in this system.  Other crystals that can be used with the energies are staurolite (faery stone), clear quartz, moonstone, celestite, selenite, amethyst, labradorite and amber.

Allow yourself to get excited about this aspect of your life so that you can experience all that it offers you and embrace each moment – after all – you are worth it!



The Mystical Merimaid - Healing The Mythic Self Series

This system embodies the energies of several mermaid/sea Goddesses which Include Amphitrite (‘The Great Embracer’ — pre-Hellenic sea Goddess); Atargatis (Syrian mermaid Goddess); Mami Wata (‘Mother Water’ — Nigerian mermaid Goddess), and Sedna (Inuit sea Goddess).

The energies of this system will allow you to abandon yourself (ego) and hurl your true (divine) self into the deep, to sprout wings, and transform into a new form with higher knowledge, understanding, wisdom and perception. The depth of the water (duality) can sustain life, give comfort and is a source of life and abundance. Water is symbolic for spiritual rebirth and renewal, purification and regeneration and is the source from which each person is born.

The Mermaids and the Mermaid/Sea Goddesses call us to the unknown, to change and transform the passage from one place to another, one form to another. These energies will help you to abandon what you are now so that you can become something new – something greater than you were before.  You will overcome the fear of the unknown, of transformation, learning, losing yourself, and being out of control, fearing the descent into the deep (the unconscious). It is not by chance that there are springs, wells, rivers, lakes and oceans all over the world and that these places have 
been sacred places for many, many cultures. This system being associated with water helps you to get in touch with the ‘fluid’ nature of our female sexuality side. This connects these energies to its ancient connection with the water.

The mermaid and Mermaid/Sea Goddesses represent what is submerged deep within and show you how to bring it forward. Because this aspect of you embraces two worlds, the water (emotional) and the air (the mental or intellect), this healing will plunge deep into the depths of your being (the sea within) so that you can discover the profound powers of your hidden inner treasures as well as receive balance in these aspects of self.  This will enable you to rise above earth bound (the waves) concerns so that you can reach the stars of awakening Higher Consciousness.   This will bring you the highest pearls of wisdom from within you so that you can embrace the joy of a new world right inside you and allow the true (Divine) self to emerge from the abyss and attract all good things to yourself in all areas of your life.  Additionally, among other aspects of yourself that are released will be the inner seductress/seducer as you will no longer have to hide your desires of the sexual subconscious or feel as though you have to return to the amniotic waters of the womb and hide.

You can abandon your old habitat where you are afraid or ashamed of your sexual powers and re-emerge in the light of Spirit knowing that your powers and desires in this area are Spirit-given, blessed by Spirit, and that Spirit wants you to enjoy these, releasing a lifetime of frustration and finding the erotic woman or man within you!

When you are having trouble moving freely through the realms of feeling and insight and need help so that you can courageously trust life, with its weaving of pictures and debacles of grief and pain, the energies will give you strength so that you can move beyond the watery emotions of your limited personal perceptions into other worlds of inner enchantment. The Fish Tailed Goddess within can then create his or her emergence into all its glory and fullness. You have earned this gift for yourself. You are encouraged to rise up and receive the 
wonder and adventure of a new world right inside you!

This System is very easy to use. It includes a clearing, programming a stone for healing, and much more. You will receive many blessings from the powerful energies of the Mermaids and Mermaid Goddesses this system embodies.

Aquamarine crystals are used within this system.



The Bold Warrior Goddess Within Healing System

This system helps to clear the path, restore harmony, inner balance, peace, empower yourself to move forward. 
It embodies the energies of many Warrior Goddesses so that when you are feeling overwhelmed in your life you can call on the energies of this system to find that Bold Warrior Goddess within to clear the path ahead and restore harmony, inner balance and peace within you, while empowering you to move ahead fearlessly.

You can also evoke these powerful Goddesses for protection!  Goddesses Athena, Brighid, Macha, Andraste, Morrigan and Freya are the Warrior Goddess Team.

Would you like to heal the attacks of feeling overwhelmed in life? If so, you have chosen the right healing system. In the hustling and bustling life style of today we seem to suffer with periods of feeling simply overwhelmed and or defeated in our lives.

If we do not do something in those moments, then we find ourselves simply dying on the inside. The stress, anxiety, and feelings of hopelessness and overwhelm just eat away at us affecting all levels of our being. We lose ourselves in this cycle of mayhem and lose our personal will, strength, power and sense of self and sometimes it gets so bad that it can affect our physical health.

Thus, we are provided with this healing system so that the energies of this system can serve to reawaken the Bold Warrior Goddess within who is perilous and can accomplish any task big or small. The energies will reconnect you with your inner sense of direction and guidance. Then you can connect to the truth of unlimited possibilities and potentials – and anything is possible. You can do anything you desire – all you have to do is put your mind to it and so it is done!

As you connect with the Bold Warrior Goddess aspect of your inner being you are able to get out of all the mental clutter and chaos in your mind and get in touch with your emotions – the realm of the heart (the heart chakra) – and get in touch with your Warrior Self aspect – the aspect of yourself that can meet any challenge life puts on your path. We forget how much personal power we really have right inside us!

We sometimes forget about this Warrior aspect of ourselves and so these powerful Goddess energies blended together remind us – help us remember our true and courageous selves! We can then find the comfort of their protection in the midst of all of the chaos of hustling and bustling!

This system has a spiritual cleansing method that can be used for shielding and protection as well as assistance when we are overwhelmed plus much more.

The Warrior Goddess is BOLD – and COURAGEOUS and can CONQUER any challenge!  The unknown territories of life do not frighten the Warrior Goddess! Rather, The Warrior Goddess delves into the great, unknown territories with a keen sense of ADVENTURE as she knows that there is no such thing as defeat. She knows that she has all the tools she needs to meet any challenge with great VICTORY and that there are BLESSINGS in store once the battle is over!


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Founder:  Tracey Loper