Mother of the Elements

Mother of the Elements Reiki connects you to four aspects of the Mother of the Elements.  They are Earth Mother, Air Mother, Fire Mother and Water Mother.  The four attunements are given in succession all at once.  These energies can empower you to work with the feminine aspects of the elements, being Mother Nature in all her aspects.  This system helps with healing, empowerment, abundance, fertility, prosperity, growth and protection.  Each aspect of Mother of the Elements is covered in the manual and each has her own symbol, color and direction.

*Earth Mother calls on the power of the Element Earth.  You will be connected to the soil, the plants – flowers, trees and all vegetation – the crystals and stones, the minerals and all the lands of the Earth.  Earth Mother can help with practical things including but not limited to healing.

*Air Mother brings gifts of fresh air, wind and sacred breath.  She can help with learning, education, memory and healing.  A whisper of guidance may be carried to you on the wind, bringing encouragement, inspiration and motivation.

*Fire Mother brings protection, clearing and burning away things you no longer need.  She helps you to let go of negative energies, thoughts and emotions.  She also brings the warmth of love and relationships, passion for life, love and creative work, and the motivation to move forward in achieving your goals and following your dreams.

*Water Mother rules all of the oceans, rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, and all other sources of water including wells.  She brings the gifts of abundance, cleansing, purification, refreshing, new beginnings and transitions.

All of the Mothers of the Elements are interconnected.  Together they sustain life and health, and bring growth.  All are necessary for the cycle of life.  Each Mother of the Elements can be worked with separately, or you may choose to work with them as a whole.

A beautiful blessing spell calling upon all of the Mothers of the Elements is included in the manual.  Using this blessing, you may as for what you need.

Founder:  Linda Colibert