Sacred Earth Chakras
A long time ago before the ancient wisdom of the pagan and indigenous peoples were largely wiped off the map, people KNEW that the Earth was a living being.  Their survival was much more intimately connected with the flow of the seasons, the weather, and the cycles of the Earth.

The human body has its chakra system and the Earth, as a living entity also has her own chakra system.

Many of us tend to be overbalanced in our upper chakras.  But it’s the lower chakras, the feet, the toes and the Earth Star chakra that we need to tap into the Earth’s energy.

This attunement is a series of three empowerments, to be done in the following order:

This attunement connects you with the 12 Foundation Sites for the Complete Planetary Chakra Structure, as well as the 13th Site of Synthesis.  The manual includes:
•    The Seven Rays – An Overview
•    Correlation Between The Earth’s Chakras and The Stars, Sun and Planets
•    How To Connect With The Earth
•    Grounding Tricks
•    The “Healing The Heart of the Earth” Meditation
•    The Chakras and Vortexes On Each Continent
•    Description and explanation of each Earth chakra and human chakra
o    World Base (1st) Chakra – Mount Shasta, CA, USA
o    Planetary Birth Chakra – Lake Titicaca, Bolivia Peru Border
o    Earth Solar Plexus Chakra – Uluru-Kata Tjuta, Australia
o    Earth Heart Chakra – Glastonbury, England
o    Earth Throat Chakra – The Great Pyramid of Egypt
o    Earth Chakra Six…The Mobile Chakra – not a fixed location
o    Earth Crown Chakra – Mount Kailas, Tibet
o    World 13th Synthetic Center – Sergiev Posad, Moscow

There are seven attunements associated with The Sacred Earth Chakras:
•    Base
•    Sexual
•    Solar Plexus
•    Heart
•    Throat
•    Third Eye
•    Crown


These are the major sacred site areas, which generate the four alchemical forces symbolized by fire, air, water and earth.  The spinner wheels are vortices for the four elements.  They are called spinner wheels because the Earth energies emanate from them in either a spinning clockwise or anticlockwise motion.

As with the earth chakras, the four spinner wheels are each a part of a triune group, giving a total of 13 sites.
•    The Fire Spinner Wheel generates liberty and will – Haleakala Crater, Hawaii
•    The Air Vortex develops more abundant qualities of life – Mount Sinai and Mount of Lives, Egypt and Israel
•    The Water Wheel expands love – Rotopounama, New Zealand
•    The Earth Spinner uses light to immortalize structure – Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa
•    The Harmony Center – El Tule, Oaxaca, Mexico
•    The World Purification Center – Bali

There are four attunements associated with The Spinner Wheels and Centres:
•    Fire
•    Water
•    Air
•    Earth



The two dragon paths are the primary arteries of the living Earth, circulating abundant life energies and other vital qualities worldwide.  On a flat map, they form an infinity symbol, while on the sphere of the Earth, they are great circles intersecting each other at Bali and Lake Titicaca.  These energy arteries are known as ley lines, song lines, or dragon paths.

The Rainbow Serpent is a yin-feminine Earth current, which originates in Australia, at the world solar plexus chakra and then encircles the globe, passing through Mt. Kailas, Sergiev Posad-Moscow, Glastonbury-Shaftesbury and Lake Titicaca.  The Plumed Serpent is yang-male and originates from the world Gemini center in southern Mexico.  It then travels to Mt. Shasta, Mt. Fuji, Bali, and Lake Titicaca, as it moves around the world.

Through meditation and ritual it is possible to stimulate the flow of Earth energies in either direction along these great ley arteries. Activating group kundalini at each of Gaia’s chakras via these weavings will help to resonate humanity’s Groupmind with the intense awakening of these Great Serpents of Gaia’s kundalini.

There are three attunements associated with The Rainbow Serpent and The Plumed Serpent:
•    Harmony
•    Purification
•    Immortality


Founder:  Elizabeth (Starlightowl) Hibel