Sacred Flames Reiki

Sacred Flames Reiki is a powerful system of a frequency similar to Usui Reiki.  No symbols are used with this system, but rather it is done through guided visualizations and meditations that can help the body, mind and spirit to heal and to maintain good balance in the systems of the body both physically and energetically.  This system works with any other energy healing system or can be used on its own.

Sacred Flames Reiki can be used no matter what your spiritual beliefs are.  It includes connections to specific Ascended Masters, Archangels and other Spirit Guides, who are aspects of God/Goddess/All That Is, however you view the energies and their Source.

Fire bestows gifts to us on the physical level, including Protection, Nourishment and Light.  On the metaphysical level it can be used for protection from negative energy.  Shamanism sees its attributes as strength, protection, purification and faith.  Fire can heighten our awareness and encourage our desire to grow, thus nourishing our spiritual hunger.  Fire provides us with spiritual light, helping to make our soul’s path visible to us.

The Seven Sacred Flames of Sacred Flames Reiki are supported by the Seven Chohans (Ascended Masters) and four Archangels who all await our request for help in raising the vibrational level of humankind.  They are as follows:

Ascended Masters: Archangels:
*El Morya Michael
*Lanto Gabriel
*Serapis Bey Raphael
*Kuthumi Uriel
*Lady Nada
*St. Germain

The manual gives a description of the chakras, how to set intentions for healing sessions, and the importance of letting go of expectations of the outcome.  A guided meditation is provided to assist you in using Sacred Flames Reiki.  It explains how to rid yourself of any negative energy you may pick up during a healing session including a guided visualization to help the cleansing of any unwanted energies after the session.  The manual discusses the practice of “Tratak”, which is a Yogic practice of focusing the eyes and mind on a special object such as a candle flame.  It also teaches you to use the following in conjunction with Sacred Flames Reiki:

*Candle Flame Recharging Method

*Breathing the Sacred Flames

*Eyes of Fire

*Gassho with Sacred Flames Reiki

*Sacred Flames Rose Distance Healing Technique

*Golden Sacred Flame of Illumination

Founder:  Allison Dahlhaus