Shamanic Empowerment



Before the advent of modern religious forms all human spiritual practices were based on a direct and ecstatic union with the natural energies inherent to all of creation.  Life was simple and based on an inherent respect for the divine, which was seen to be part of all reality.  Humanity was part of nature.   Modern times have moved people away from working with this union.  In recent times people want to get back to their shamanic roots.  This attunement is a way to learn how to do just that.

The manual covers:
*What is Shamanism?
*The Shaman’s View of Reality
*The Four Elements
*The Spirit World
*Power or Totem Animals
*The Luminous Body
*Universal Energy
*Shamanic Practice – Living the Shamanic Way
*Shamanic Rituals
*The Shamanic Journey
*Outer Journeys

Subjects Discussed:
*Multi-dimensional Awareness
*The Different Levels of Reality
*The Multi-dimensional Self
*The Four Elements and the Science of the Directions
*The Spirit World
*Power or Totem Animals
*The Luminous Body
*Universal Energy
*The Shamanic State of Consciousness
*Building Energy

Included exercises:
*Beginning the Day – Attuning to Nature
*Experiencing the Energies of the Chakras
*The Empowerment Breath
*Finding a Power Spot
*Stalking Yourself
*Connecting to the Powers of Nature

*Creating Sacred Space
*Meeting the Shining Ones, the Keepers of the Elements
*A Ritual of Transformation

Shamanic Journeys:
*Lower World Journey to Retrieve Your Power Animal
*Journey to the Upper World to Meet a Guide
*Journeying to Find Lost Soul Parts
*Journeying to Release the Soul Parts of Others

Healing Techniques:
*A General Balancing Session
*A Session for Dealing With Specific Healing Issues

You will receive 16 Shamanic Empowerment Attunements

Founder:  Johan Roelofse