Spirit Guide Journey Activation Program

This activation consists of seven attunements to help you to communicate with your Spirit Guides.  No symbols are necessary in this easy to use system.  The energies can be activated for yourself or others.  The attunements are as follows:

Psychic Protection Activation:  Your awareness of energies increases as you work with your Spirit Guides and stray astral energies can be attracted to you through your increased energies. This attunement activates a shield of protection to help block out intrusive vibrations from other sources.

Grounding Activation:  This activation helps to keep you grounded and present in your physical body while creating an energy connection with your Spirit Guides.  It also keeps your energy system safe so that you can direct your attention and enhance your meditations as you communicate with your Spirit Guides.

Third Eye Activation:  This activation gives you heightened awareness and focus, helping you to reach higher states of consciousness not only in meditation with your Spirit Guides but also in your daily life.  You will be able to see things more clearly and sharply.  It can help with clairvoyance, concentration and learning to recognize your inner voice

Energy Bodies Clearing Activation:  This activation clears blockages you may have in communication with your Spirit Guides by balancing and harmonizing your physical, mental and emotional bodies.  Any false or limiting beliefs you have such as skepticism or lack of ability are broken down, and your faith and trust are increased so that you can accept higher possibilities.

Meditation Activation:  This activation helps to quiet your mind so that you can hear and listen to your inner voice, and enables better contact and communication with your Spirit Guides.  As your vibrations are raised you will attract higher vibrations to communicate not only with Spirit Guides but also with Higher Beings of Light such as Angels and Ascended Masters.

Spirit Guides and Higher Being Activations:  This activation actually consists of several activations that help you to make a deeper connection not only with your Spirit Guides but also with many types of Higher Beings such as Guardian Angels, Animal Beings, the Archangel Team and more.

Dream Activation:  This activation increases your ability to remember and interpret your dreams when you receive visits from your Spirit Guides and other Higher Beings.

Tips for meditating and communicating with your guides are discussed in the manual.  You will learn the ways that Guides communicate with you. Many types of Guides are described as follows:

Joy Guide Presenter Guide
Protector/Indian Guide Spiritual Messenger
Door Keeper/Gate Keeper Guide Healer Guide
Philosopher Teacher Guide Doctor Guide
Master Teacher Animal Spirit Guide
Professor Guide Alchemist Guide
Runner Guide Ascended Masters
Friends and Relatives on the Other Side Saints
Angels Archetypes
Guardian Angels

There are seven activations in this system.  You may receive the first either by chi ball or real time.  The remaining activations are sent by chi ball.

Founder:  Tracey Loper