The Rainbow Light Healing System Level 1

The Rainbow Light Healing System teaches you to channel the 7 main colors of the rainbow for healing the 7 chakras within the body.  This simple system requires no symbols, rather it works by visualization or intention to channel colored energy to the body to aid in healing the chakras and the aura.

The manual includes discussion of each color in relation to the 7 main chakras including the physical and psycho-spiritual aspects, and the problems that may arise from imbalances in each chakra.  A brief description of each chakra to be worked on using Rainbow Light for healing explains the functions of each chakra and shows pictures of the yantras, or geometric design associated with each symbol for each chakra.

A guided chakra meditation is included that helps you to cleanse and enhance each chakra.  Instructions are given for using Rainbow Light Energy in a healing system in person and at a distance.




The Rainbow Light Healing System Level 1


The Rainbow Dove - The Rainbow Light Healing System Level 2


This is the second in the series of Rainbow Light Healing System attunements.  It focuses on using the beautiful energies of the Rainbow and the Rainbow Dove to help replace negative thought patterns that we all have with positive ones instead.  The negative thought patterns can include but are not limited to financial worries, worries about your family and jealousy.

This Emotional Healing system can be used during a healing session to empower you or your client by giving the courage to master fears, and transmute negative thought patterns created by negative emotional baggage into positive energies, which will heal the emotional body.  No symbols are required.  The use of visualization or intention can collect the negative thought patterns and energy from your body, aura and chakras, and transmute them into Love and Light.  You may call upon the Archangel Uriel for help with using these energies.

This simple to use system can transform dark emotional energies into healing energies and restore the emotional body to a healthy state both for yourself and others to bring the emotional body back to the glowing light body it is meant to be.




The Rainbow Light Healing System Level 1, 2

The third attunement in the Rainbow Light Healing System has been given to humanity at this time to aid in our personal spiritual development and advancement into the next phase of the galactic ascension process.

The Rainbow Skulls bring us the gift of awakening the Light Body for the first time in humankind’s history.  Every living thing has a light body of pure energy.  The light body vibrates at a much higher level than the physical body.  With this attunement of the Rainbow Skulls your light body is re-awakened, enabling you to learn how to channel higher vibration energy during healing sessions.  It also helps to fill your chakras and aura with more positive vibrations, leading to a stronger sense of personal power for use in many areas including healings and meditations.

The Rainbow Skull Empowerment activates specific vibrational frequencies, helping to add more light to your everyday thoughts, words and actions.  It is designed to help you become more centered and aware, and to replace any stuck emotional energies with love, serenity and a heightened state of bliss.  With this empowerment you can become more connected to the Universal Spirit and Higher Self energies as your healing channel is opened, while keeping you grounded and centered in the present as well.  You may have direct experiences of oneness with who you truly are.

The manual explains the connection between the chakras and their functions with the crystal skulls associated with each, as well as chants and crystals to be used when working with each chakra.  It also includes the following:

*The layers and functions of each level of the aura

*When to cleanse your energy and aura


*How to cleanse your energy and aura by several different methods

*The Rainbow Light Vortex

*How to work with the energies of the Rainbow Skull Empowerment




The Rainbow Light Healing System Level 1, 2, 3

The Rainbow Pyramid - The Rainbow Light Healing Sysem Level 4

This attunement aids in the personal spiritual practice of self-protection.  It can also boost your own personal energy levels, sharpen the powers of your chakras, increase your intuitive abilities and gain more energy awareness with the use of an etheric symbol of a pyramid.  You will also learn how to connect with the energies of Archangel Michael.  He can help with both personal and spiritual protection from any form of negativity, either your own or that from another person directed at you.

The manual includes discussions of Pyramids and The Rainbow Light.  The chakras and their energies are explained, including the Higher Heart or Thymus Chakra as well as what is experienced when chakras are open and balanced, overactive, unbalanced, blocked or closed.

The Rainbow Pyramid can help with the expansion of psychic awareness as well as the main focus of the system – spiritual protection.  The signs and symptoms of psychic attacks and negative energy are explained. You will learn the process of creating an Etheric Rainbow Pyramid and a mantra is suggested for help with its creation that will aid in your protection.

Also taught is how to create an Elemental Pyramid to help you clear, align and balance all areas of your life.  You may also create Elemental Pyramids to help with the healing of others.

The manual also includes discussion of five different types of psychic ability:










The Rainbow Light Healing System Level 1, 2, 3, 4

The-Rainbow-Cocoon-EmpowermentThis attunement is a brand new frequency that gives you a simple to use advanced energy tool to be used during times of personal and spiritual transition and transformation. A spiritual transition/transformation can occur at anytime when you make a conscious choice to release old energetic patterns and thought forms to allow the unified cleansing of your chakras, your auric field and the your meridians.

Light workers, healers and spiritual seekers understand that we are all connected to eh vast universal consciousness and have the ability to tap into the creative energy sources by simple intention. Through this simple connection you will receive spiritual downloads of information that will be stored in your subconscious mind until they finally reach your consciousness, often occurring as a moment of clarity or an awareness that something has changed or shifted within you.

You will learn about Etheric Color Healing and ways to use various colors and their frequencies. As you become aware of the effects of color you will learn how to tap into the positive benefits so they can lift your spirits and unlock their creative and protective energies. Creating an etheric rainbow cocoon around you can aid you in many ways, enhancing your personal and spiritual health.

Prerequisites for the Rainbow Cocoon Empowerment are Levels 1 Through 5 of The Rainbow Light Healing System.



The Rainbow Light Healing System Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Rainbow LIght Healing Level 6 - The Diamond LIght Body

This Level consists of 10 attunements.

Many beings of light are stepping forth at this time to aid us with our personal enlightenment and overall spiritual evolution. When you call upon them you will begin a process of accelerating self-realization, spiritual healing and personal awakening to a higher and more refined state of being. The Rainbow LightBody Activations give you the ability to realign your auric field as well as a unique energetic connection with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Gods and Goddesses.

The Rainbow Diamond LIghtBody Activations consist of a highly focused and finely tuned frequency of energy that when used on a daily basis can give you spiritual tools to help develop your LIghtBody, which is a vehicle of pure divine energy consciousness that exists at a higher vibrational level than that of your physical self. It is much closer to your inner consciousness or soul than your aura and chakra system.

As you reawaken your Rainbow LightBody you will learn how to channel a much more refined frequency of energy during your healing work and also gain the ability to release adverse harmonic energy patterns within your aura into positive vibrations.

Through the ten individual activations of this system you will be given energetic assistance to help you to experience a much stronger sense of personal power.

The Activations:

*The Ascended Master St. Germain Etheric Body Activation

*The Archangel Gabriel Emotional Body Activation

*The Ascended Master Hiiarion Mental Body Activation

*The Helios and Vesta Causal Body Activation

*The Earth Star Activation of Thoth

*The Ascended Master Lady Nada Soul Star Activation

*The Ascended Master El Morya Hara Activation

*The Ascended Master Lord Sananda Thymus Point Activation

*The I AM Presence of Sanat Kumara & Lady Venus Activation

*The Archangel Metatron Mer-Ka-Bah Activation

The recommended waiting period between each activation is one week. The Rainbow Diamond LIghtBody Activations may be received as one big attunement with 10 chi balls, one for each activation, that you may call in individually through each level of the system.

The prerequisites for The Rainbow Diamond LIghtBody Activation are Levels 1 Through 5 of Rainbow Light Healing System.


Founder:  Jay Burrell





The Rainbow Light Healing System Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

The Angelic Orbs Of Light Empowerment is the 7th installment within the Rainbow Light Healing System Series. It has been channeled to help you with many forms of personal and spiritual healings that many of us many go through as we walk the path of a lightworker and a spiritual seeker. The energy works with the Angels. There is no need to work with Reiki energies to use this system.

Creating an Angelic Orb Of Light allows you to create a sphere to contain Healing Energy, Love, Light, and protection of the Angels. This Orb Of Light can be sent to a recipient. The energy will remain within the Sphere until it is called in, allowing the recipient to mentally and spiritually receive the vibrational energies of the Orb at any time and on many occasions.

Angels are multi-dimensional beings who have been with humankind since the dawn of time. They are extremely powerful companions who can work with us and guide our spiritual paths. The Angels can be with many individuals at one time, as there are no restrictions in time or space. Anyone can call upon the Angels to help them with healings, personal spiritual progression or just for comfort and support.

There are 26 Empowerments within The Angelic Orbs of Light, all sent to you during one attunement.

• The Archangel Michael Orb – helps you to gain courage, strength and spiritual protection. It can also give you willpower, initiative, focus or protection.

• The Archangel Gabriel Orb – helps with clarity, purity, order and discipline, and can create harmony beauty, peace, and to help develop your intuition and find your true path. As the Angel of Childbirth – this Orb can be used for pregnant women or sent as a blessing for a newborn.

• The Archangel Raphael Orb – will help with all forms of healing, creativity, truth, vision and dissolving negative blockages that cause illness. It may also help you to develop vision and inner knowing through your third eye.

• The Archangel Uriel Orb – brings peace in any situation where Divine Peace is needed, dissolves fears and develops clarity, insight and vision.

• The Archangel Zadkiel Orb – brings blessings of forgiveness, mercy and compassion to help with awakening and aligning with your Light Body.

• The Archangel Chamuel Orb – helps to lift your spirits from sorry and find love in your heart, renewing and improving existing relationships or helping to find your soul mate.

• The Archangel Jophiel Orb – helps with artistic projects, illuminating your spark and helping you to see the beauty in all things and people.

• The Archangel Raguel Orb – helps to deal with justice and fairness, and also works for the underdog when you need to be empowered and respected.

• The Angel of Beauty Orb – reminds you that all forms of beauty are always found within the eye of the beholder, and gives you the ability to open your awareness to see the beauty in all things including the beauty of your own inner being.

• The Angel of Compassion Orb – helps you with compassion and sympathy to help you radiate compassion to all people and situations in your life.

• The Angel of Forgiveness Orb – touches your heart chakra, gently guiding you to extend forgiveness to both yourself and others.

• The Angel of Glory Orb – opens your heart and mind to the Glory of God, the Creator or Universal Intelligence, linking you with Source and guiding you to deeper understanding of the glory of your own soul.

• The Angel of Grace Orb – brings Divine assistance through the Law Of Grace, releasing old energetic patterns and beliefs that prevent your spiritual growth.

• The Angel of Harmony Orb – helps you to restore balance to your emotions by bringing comfort and understanding.

• The Angel of Hope Orb – guides and supports you to keep the light of hope align in your heart chakra during times of difficulty or stress.

• The Angel of Joy Orb – helps to open your heart chakra to reconnect with joy, lightness and a renewed joy in living.

• The Angel of Love Orb – shows you the love within your heart chakra and shows you places within yourself that need more unconditional loving acceptance.

• The Angel of Mercy Orb – offers you the opportunity to clear and release any karmic patterns that are holding you back.

• The Angel of Patience Orb – brings more patience and helps you to be more relaxed in mind and body, more fully in the flow of life.

• The Angel of Peace Orb – shows you the place deep in your being where there is always peace and tranquility, helping you even in the midst of chaos and turmoil.

• The Angel of Purification Orb – helps to release and transmute lower energetic frequencies from your subtle bodies and auric field, bringing greater purity of thought and mind.

• The Angel of Strength Orb – helps you to reconnect with your own inner strength during times of adversity.

• The Angel of Tranquility Orb – brings calmness, especially during times of disturbance or stress.

• The Angel of Transmutation Orb – raises your vibrational frequency and transmutes lower energies into positive thoughts, bringing deep clarity and inner healing.

• The Angel of Truth Orb – guides you in discovering your inner truth and expressing it with true love.

• The Angel of Wisdom Orb – helps access your inner wisdom, strengthens the connection between your heart and brow chakras and helps you to remember that knowledge can become wisdom.

Prerequisite: The Rainbow Light Healing System attunements Levels 1-6.

Founder: Jay Burrell




This simple yet very effective empowerment and spiritual technique has been created for people who offer with the debilitating conditions of anxiety, panic disorder and agoraphobia but it can be used by everyone when they instant relief from the stresses and strains of modern life, by flooding your body with the energies of Rainbow Light.

After you receive this attunement, you will be able to share them in sessions or when working with anyone, including children. It can help them through school, exams, feeling alone, being bullied or verbal or physical abuse. These energies can be used to help them process what has happened and allow them to fill their lives with the beautiful energies of the Rainbow Light Spectrum.

The Rainbow Orb of Empowerment is also designed to work with Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow souls, helping them to live their lives to the fullest while navigating the density of the physical realm. Children can learn to use this system to create their own Rainbow Orbs to stay with them in times of need.

This system is very useful for both children and adults.

Included in the manual:

Panic & Anxiety Disorder including signs and symptoms

Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia and their results physically as well as self-help, treatment, and what you can do to help including medication and alternative therapies – herbs, crystals

Crystals for Anxiety & Panic Disorder

How to use the energies for racing heart, heart palpitations, chest pain, sweating, losing control of bladder or bowels, body numbness, disorientation.

Founder: Jay Burrell








These attunements were created to help you with many forms of healing as well as spiritual progression and the balance of mind, body & spirit. It connects you with the fairies, and the etheric attributes of flowers, trees and the seasons.

The Rainbow Light Healing System Level 9 – The Fair Essence Activations add an extra dimension to healing with the fairies.

When you work with these activations, you will gain an energetic rapport with each of the fairies that can be found in flowers, trees and by the wayside. When all of this knowledge and the etheric activations are combined, they will create a powerful and life changing energy will manifest itself within your life.

The Fairy Essence activations and their magickal abilities can help to transform lower energies into love and light. You will be able to work with both yourself and others, including children to offer life changing energies.

These activations offer you an energetic rapport with each of the fairies that can be found in flowers and trees. The energies of this system can create powerful life changings to manifest in your life.

The Fairy Essence activations and their magickal abilities can help to transform lower energies into love and light.

Included in the manual:

Information about fairies

Working with the fairy flower activations, you will learn to work with essences of:
Forget me not
Ragged robin

Working with the fairy tree activations you will learn to work with:
Sweet chestnut

Working with the fairies of the seasons activations you will learn with:
Red chestnut
White chestnut

The Inner Child Activations
Mother Earth
Inner vision

Founder: Jay Burrell





The Rainbow Light Healing Level 10 attunement has been channeled to connect you with the vibrations of the Rainbow Flame that comes to us from the realms of the Rainbow Guides. The Rainbow Guides are divine beings who come to us from the realms of Atlantis where they work closely with the energies of the 13 Flames.

The 13 Flames are spiritual gifts can dissolve and transmute anything that is not in alignment your Higher Self and your soul contract or etheric blueprint. When you are attuned to the Rainbow Light Series you will become part of the chosen few who have decided to use the energies to help Humanity and Mother Earth in their process of Enlightenment and Spiritual Ascension as well as working to heal your own life on all levels of mind, body and spirit.

The soul is not bound by time and space…the soul is eternal. The soul of each peson is light energy, emitting light, sound and color. This is the I Am presence. When your soul is fully activated, it has 12 flames based on the 12 Rays. Together they form the 13th flame – the Flame of The Holy Spirit.

The Rainbow Flame raises your consciousness to a higher level than you may have ever experienced before. This is the realm where the Celestial Chakras reside. When the Rainbow Flame passes through the Celestial Chakras it clears all forms of energy that are not in alignment with your Higher Self. The transmuting abilities of this system work on energetic patterns and DNA structures within your subconscious mind, chakras, aura and cells to transform them in to a more beneficial state.

When working with The Rainbow Flame you may experience blocks being released as it works with any situation in need of healing. There are so many things that can be worked on from finances to emotions, to space clearing and more. This system can help to transmute karmic trauma from both past and present lives, clearing your etheric blueprint of attachments.

The Rainbow Flame can clear away anything not in alignment with your soul’s purpose. You may experience a profound sense of being cleansed from inside out, bringing you an incredible sense of freedom.

The Rainbow Flames:

1. The Blue Flame – Ascended Master El Morya
Power, goodwill, faith

2. The Flame of Illumination – Ascended Master Lanto
Wisdom, understanding, judgment

3. The Flame of Active Intelligence – Ascended Master Paul the Venetian
Love, creativity and beauty

4. The Flame of Purity – Ascended Master Serapis Bey
Purity, discipline, joy and ascension

5. The Flame of Truth and Science – Ascended Master Hilarion
Truth, Science, vision and abundance

6. The Flame of Idealism and Devotion – Ascended Master Lady Nada
Peace, service, brotherhood

7. The Flame of Order and Magic – Ascended Master St. Germain
Freedom, alchemy, justice, diplomacy and transmutation

8. The Flame of Transmutation – Ascended Maser Maha Chohan
Secret Knowledge, Diplomacy and Transmutation

9. The Flame of Harmony – Ascended Master Mary
Understanding and acceptance

10. The Flame to Mind Purpose – Ascended Master Lord Guatama
Insight, Wisdom, Calmness, Higher Knowledge, Enlightenment, Nirvana

11. The Flame of Clarity, Mysticism & Healing – Ascended Master Ragoczy
Balance & Love for All

12. The Flame of Unconditional Love – Ascended Master Quan Yin
Compassion & Mercy

13. The Flame of Highest Service – Ascended Master Sanat Kumara
Universal Love

With this attunement you will learn about crystals and gems, colors and affirmations to work more closely with each Flame and Ascended Master.

Founder: Jay Burrell