Wisdom of the Owl Empowerment

The Owl is considered to be one of the oldest animals to be held sacred to the Celtic tradition.  The Spirit of the Owl will guide you into the darkness of your soul, the otherworld, and the mysteries of the night.  The Owl is sacred to the Goddess Athena and draws the energies of wisdom, beauty, hunter and fierce wild spirit.  Owls are creatures of the night, but they “see” beyond the night visions.

When you call upon the Spirit of the Owl, Lady Athena will also assist you bringing, courage, visions and wisdom of the mysteries.  The Spirit of the Owl can help with physical and metal healing issues as well as teach you lessons in both abundance and silence.

The single symbol in this system can help you to heighten your intuitive perceptions.  You will learn a ritual to connect with your own personal owl spirit guide.

Founder:  Linda Colibert