Angels are beings of a separate plane from Humans.  They are beings of The  Light, The Divine, Messengers from Spirit or God/Goddess, whatever you believe to be the highest order.  They have Omnipresence, being able to be anywhere and everywhere at one time.  They are energy being that live in the non-physical realms that surround us. They are real, and they are universal.  They appear to, work with, and love all beings and extend their energy, information, and assistance to all.   BUT…We have to ask for their help, assistance, reassurance and company.  Because we have freewill, they cannot intervene or help us without our consent and request.

This manual includes an inner guidance meditation to help you relax for the attunement.  There are five symbols in this system. The first is to awaken your third eye, the second is to enhance your psychic ability to sense, the third is to enhance your sense of touch, the fourth to enhance your sense of sound, and the last, fifth symbol is for love and your heart chakra.

Founder:  Rowan Stanford-Ffoulkes