Brighid's Flame Reiki

This is a special attunement that will connect you to the Celtic Goddess Brighid. The energies of this attunement will help you with inspiration and creativity, healing, protection and family, and forging ahead with your dreams and goals. There are four symbols, and each is simple and easy to use.  There are also four crystals associated with these energies.

The energies of Brighid’s Flame Reiki are powerful, lending strength and empowerment to your life. The Goddess Brighid is a Triple Goddess of fire and water. She is often known as Saint Brigitte.  She is a Goddess of wells and water, which are sacred to her. She is a Healing Goddess, a Creativity Goddess, and also a strong Celtic Warrior Goddess, and a Protection Goddess with a sacred well that never runs dry and a sacred flame that forever burns.

There are 4 symbols and 4 crystals used in this system.  Healing herbs associated with Brighid are also discussed in the manual.

Brighid’s Flame Reiki will strengthen any connect you may already have to Brighid, and will establish a powerful connection to this very loving Goddess.

Founder:  Joanna Mullane