Cosmic Alignments Cosmic Alignments focuses on the combined energies created during planetary conjunctions.  We stress Solar and Lunar Eclipses because the information is more accessible.  We are directly involved with their alignments and their energies effect a wider range of things.  Other planetary alignments also occur.  They are not usually perceived with the naked eye, but their combined energies can still be accessed.  The normal flow of things is thrown off tilt by planetary alignments.  The cosmic energies realign, rebalance and affect all things including the human body, the etheric bodies, the aura and energy pathways, allowing the Universe to create pseudo-beginnings.  This is not a total rebirthing but can apply to many situations that we face on our paths.

Cosmic energy, planetary alignments and eclipses are explained in the manual as well as how to they can affect us.

You will learn to use the energies to your advantage, and the properties available from each planet in our solar system.  The energy can be used for healing both yourself and others.

This system consists of 3 levels and 2 boosters (the boosters are self attunements).

The system should be received in the following order: Level 1,  Level 2,  Level 2 booster (self attune at your own pace before receiving level 3),  Level 3,  Level 3 booster(self attune during any planetary alignment such as Lunar/Solar eclipse)

Please review the manual as it contains important information that you will need for the level 2-booster. The level 2 booster is a self attunement (at your own pace), and should be done before you receive level 3.

The manual includes information on using crystals with this system.

Sent by chi ball only.

Founder:  Tawan Chester


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Founder:  Stephanie Brail