Dream Voyage of the Swan

This is a system for personal growth.  With this attunement you will be connected to the Spirit of the Swan and guided on a dream voyage spirit journey.  The Swan is connected to the mysteries, to the otherworld, to the faery realm and to the gateways of passage.  It can help with grace, intuition, discovering hidden talents, and your desires within.  You may also be able to develop your psychic abilities.

You will learn how to call upon the Swan before going to sleep to guide your dreams and show you what needs to be revealed to you.

There is one symbol that represents the Swan.  You will learn different methods for using the symbol including a candle ritual for guidance and help with any situation.  The energies can be used at any time including but not limited to before you go to sleep.

A lovely meditation is included in the manual that connects you with the Goddess of Dreams.

Founder:  Linda Colibert