This attunement will help you to build up the ability of your body’s energetic system to hold higher energies.  They help enhance your healing channel and enable you to make a greater connection with Spirit.  They work very well in aiding physical and emotional illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome and depression.  They enhance the energy systems of those suffering from disease or imbalance of any kind.

These energies work on chakras, meridians, subtle bodies and all parts of your energetic system.  They will remove blockages as needed to raise your vibration to the next level.

This system is for the attunements only.  To use them for healing you would use the same attunement process on clients as you would to attune students.

The attunements can be used whenever you need a boost to a higher energy level.

Prerequisites:  A Reiki Master may receive all of the attunements one right after another.  Because they can run a lot of energy others will need to space out the attunements over a longer time period.  If you decide to receive the attunements gradually, they will be sent by the “chi ball” method, enabling you to call them in as you become ready for the next one. Once you are attuned to this system you can re-attune yourself as a method of self-healing.

Founder:  Stephanie Brail