Fairy Realms Reiki

Fairy Realms Reiki helps to heal that natural environment by connecting with nature spirits and faeries.  It focuses on helping the growth of animals and plants, cleansing the earth and enabling you to contact the fairy realms.  It can help gardens and forests, aids in healing animals and opening your psychic senses to help you work with the faeries and nature spirits.

Level 1:  this level focuses on the physical aspects of healing and aids the growth of plants and healing of animals.  You can focus on whole areas as well as individual plants.  You are taught specific colors to use for different situations. This system works very well with distance healing as well as in person.  It can also be used during meditation as explained in the manual.

Level 2:  focuses on emotional healing for ourselves, as well as the emotional trauma caused by the destruction of the planet, which causes trauma to Mother Earth.  It works well for emotional issues of animals and people too.

Level 3:  is a Master Level that is mostly for chakra activation and use during the attunement process.  Different methods of attunement are explained in the manual.

One symbol is included in each level.

As stated in the manual, Fairy Realms is a wonderful energy to use in the natural world.  Fairies are beautiful, loving beings that are here to help the earth in her growth and development.  Fairies are also here to help the earth be healthy and grow so that we as people can live and be a part of the beautiful abundance we all have been given.  Now the fairy realms are asking us to help in the healing of the planet.  We as light workers are here to answer this call.  Fairy Reiki is one tool to help facilitate the healing on all levels of this planet and those that reside on her.

It is highly recommended that some form of instruction in tradition Reiki has been studied but not required to receive this attunement.

Founder:  Keith Zang