Goddess Cosmic Energy Attunement




The Goddess Cosmic Energy can be used for increasing your intuition and sensitivity, for helping you to become more nurturing, sweet natured and generous in spirit.  It also brings light and love to the Earth, and to all beings living upon Her.  The Goddess Cosmic Energy can be channeled to promote positive feelings about self. It relieves tension, anxiety, stress, anger, depression, insecurity, fatigue, and moodiness.  The energy balances body, mind and spirit, the central nervous system, and yin and yang energy.  It also is grounding and instills peace, confidence and joy, as well as bringing connection of the crown and base chakras.

The Goddess Cosmic Energy also works well to cleanse all negativity in a place or location and transforms negative energy into positive energy.

This is a single level system with one symbol.

Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso