Goddess Ostara Initiation

Note from the founder of this system, Rosemary Noel: 

Bright greetings and Merry Meet.  This is the first in a series of magickal Goddesses that have been channeled by me and are brought forth for the contemporary woman to embrace and use for growth and freedom. 

Ostara is the Anglo-Saxon/Germanic Goddess of new beginnings, rebirth, and fertility in all areas, joy, hope and renewal. After your initiation to Ostara you will find yourself bursting with feminity, rebirthed, joyful and full of hope. Your sexuality will be rekindled and blossom in a powerful way.
 Ostara is an interesting Goddess because she is considered a Maiden Goddess but instead of a new crescent moon uses full moon energy, which makes sense, because she is the Goddess who fires up the growth in the spring.
Ostara is a dynamic Goddess bursting full of the power of femininity as well as regeneration. She takes the relay of life firmly as the Crone passes it to her!

 Ostara is the Goddess of Spring and the new dawn, whose worship goes back to ancient Pagan Teutonic/Saxon cultures. Contemporary Pagans of many paths worship Her at Spring Equinox. This time is a balance of day and night. Her symbols include the hare, colored eggs, spring flowers.  In the older times celebrants wore brand new clothing to celebrate her festival. Ostara also known as Eostre, the Christian festival of Easter was named for Ostara.   The Goddess Ostara’s celebration day can vary from the Spring Equinox to the first full moon after the Equinox. 

The Easter Bunny, baskets and colored eggs are part of the Springtime and Easter celebrations in America, Europe and other parts of the world are rooted in Her symbols and lore.

Founder:  Rosemary Noel