Goddess Sophia


Sophia was, and is, one of the most worshipped Goddesses. Her name means “Wisdom”.  She is known by many names in the Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Gnostic and Early Christian cultures.  Committing yourself to Sophia can lead you to your truth and justice.  She can help you to find wisdom within yourself.   She is a wise, loving and communicative Goddess.

The manual discusses her aspects, some of her history and her and correspondences.  Sophia brings meaning to human experience with her gift of understanding the “bigger picture”.  She reminds us that clear vision and understanding can help us to discover the meaning of our lives.

A ritual for dedication to the Goddess Sophia and for asking her help in letting go of the past is included in the manual.  Using her energies for yourself or others both in person and at a distance healing are also explained.

Founder:  Eileen Brooks