Goddess Sulis' Etherical Hot Springs Reiki

This attunement can help you in your own healing as well as the healing of others by connecting you to the energies of Goddess Sulis.  The attunement allows you to access her healing powers directly.  This system assists with healing of body, mind, emotions, spirit and also helps to heal Mother Earth by raising her vibrations.  Using the energies on yourself or others will send Global healing to Mother Earth as well.

A history of Goddess Sulis and her attributes are covered in the manual.  Her baths and shrine are also discussed.

Archangel Raphael is associated with Goddess Sulis.  He provides protection for all healers and recipients of healing and will assist you when working with this system.  His attributes are explained and the manual also includes a message from him.

The use of four “symbols” is taught within this system.

By calling upon Goddess Sulis and Archangel Raphael you can help to heal any issue or aspect of yourself or a client on an emotional, mental, spiritual or physical level.  A visualization is given to assist you and applying the use of Goddess Sulis’ Etherical Hot Springs Reiki is explained.

Working with Goddess Sulis’ Etherical Hot Springs Reiki will bring the greatest results if used regularly with an open heart and mind as well as the desire to cleanse, clear, purify and heal all aspects of your being.

Founder:  Tracey Loper