Healing Elements Lightwork

The four elements of nature are Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  Each of these elements have tremendous healing power.  This attunement connects you with the elements, brings universal healing into your life and can improve healing techniques you already use.  Each element has its own energy that is helpful in healing many different things.  They can be used alone or in combinations with each other.

With this attunement you will learn the correspondence of each element including their colors, directions and uses.  A symbol is given for each element along with suggestions for its use.  A way of using the symbols in a candle ritual is also provided.

The Earth Element – Earth energies include plant energies for healing body, mind and soul.  Crystals and salt also come under this category.  In this section you will learn to use mud healing as well as how to use crystals in your healing work.

The Air Element – Air energies include breath, words and sounds.  It also connects to Angelic healing.  In this section you will learn to use sacred breath, feathers, sound and voice for enhanced healing.

The Fire Element – Fire energies bring the warmth, healing and protection of fire.  Fire energies can be used together with earth and water to create steam and vapor.  This section teaches you how to use etheric fire for its healing and protective powers.

Founder:  Linda Colibert