Light of Muses


The Light of Muses connects you to all the Muses, giving you inspiration and creative energy, that can be used not only with fine arts but, as part of daily life.  You will receive guidance and wisdom to solve problems.  The Light of Muses strengthens your connection to Spirit in a way that allows you to consciously call on the Muses for inspiration and creative solutions.  The attunement includes a symbol that helps you to quickly connect to any of the Muses to motivate and guide you in your life and a candle ritual to aid in its use.

In mythology Zeus and Mnemosyne had nine daughters who are considered the Muses.  Who they are and some of the things they can help with are as follows:

CALLIOPE – Her name means “Beautiful of Speech”.  She can help you with desires to change the world, your life and situation for the better.  She also provides inspiration for all forms of writing, speaking engagements, seminars, business meetings, and more.  She helps in any situation where beauty, tact and truth are needed.

CLIO – Her name means “Glorious One.”  She can help with reports, facts and information for establishing truth in any situation.  She can assist you with planning and making decisions to achieve your goals.  You may also call on her for help with paperwork, schedules and organizing.

ERATO – Her name means “Amorous One”.  She assists with erotic poetry, lyrics and marriage songs.  She can help to heal relationships and the sensual side of romantic relationships.  She can also motivate you towards and dreams and goals you are passionate about.

EUTERPE – Her name means “Well Pleasing”.  As a Muse of music she can help with lyrics of actual music or with the universal song and dance of life.  She can help if your goals are to be a musician or a singer.  She also helps with harmony in your life by surrounding your with beauty and happiness.  She can also assist with such things as remodeling your space, adding color to your life or bringing harmony and joy to your experiences.

MELPOMENE – Her name means “Chanting One”.  As the Muse of Tragedy she can help with experiences of hardship, loss, trauma and illness so that you can rise above and move forward.  She brings new hope, promise and restored faith.  She can inspire you with hope, love, courage and renewal to face the future.

POLYNMIA – Her name means “Singer of Many Hymns”.  You can call on this Muse for help with singing, celebrations, performing and creative writing.  She can also assist with shows, gatherings and the flow of positive energies.  She brings joy and inspiration to parties and meetings.

TERPSICHORE – Her name means “One Who Delights In Dance”.    As a Muse of choral song and dance she can help with the dance of life, and the ebb and flow of cycles of life to work to your fullest potential.  She guides with knowing when to take and action or to just plan and learn.  She helps if you want to be a professional dancer, or teach to you to believe in yourself and live in the rhythm of life.  Other things that come under her domain are building strong connections, giving and receiving and learning and growing to discover who you really are.

THALIA – Her name means “Blossoming One”.  As the Muse of comedy and general humor she assists with learning love of self and others, forgiveness and the ability to laugh at your mistakes.  With her help you may find your inner child, be less serious and to take time to enjoy yourself and life itself.  She guides you to have a positive attitude and outlook.

URANIA – Her name means “Celestial One”.  She helps with both astronomy and astrology and helps to keep things working smoothly.  She can assist with making necessary changes in your life and manifesting positive attitudes.  She brings peace, love and guidance to the world towards wisdom and knowledge.  She works to raise your vibration, help others, environmental issues, seeing the divinity in all there is, and raising the energies of Mother Earth.

Founder:  Linda Colibert