MariEl Reiki

MariEl is a very gentle, Feminine, heart-centered, hands-on technique that was channeled to balance the patriarchal energy dominating Mother Earth and her people.  This energy, channeled by Ethel Lombardi who was taught by Mrs. Hawayo Takata and trained by Mikao Usui helps to release old blockages, patterns, memories, traumas and pain.

The storage of negative emotional and physical experiences in our cells can block the flow of our energy.  MariEl helps to release these blockages.  It is  very similar to Reiki and is channeled by a hands on method that is very similar as well.  This method works with the person and will only provide what they can handle.  One or several sessions may be needed depending on the energy blocks and the body’s willingness to let go of them.  Many people have had wonderful transformations after receiving MariEl Reiki.  It enables us to feel unconditional love and compassion and live in a more healthy way.

The Divine Feminine can appear in many different faces or aspects of the Goddess, such as Mother Mary, Isis, Quan Yin, Native American Grandmother and the Moon when using MariEl Reiki.

Three symbols are included in this attunement.

You must be a Usui Reiki Master to pass MariEl Reiki to others.

Founder:  Ethel Lombardi