Nature Devas and Fairies Attunement

This course is designed for people interested in working with the Devas and Spirits inhabiting the Kingdom of Nature and for healers who want to integrate the energy vibrations of these beings in their therapeutic healing work, as well as for people generally interested in self-healing and guidance on their path to self-development.

The energies of the Nature Devas and their sub-categories of fairies, elves, gnomes, undines, etc., vibrate at a different level than we humans do.  They are etheric beings and are easier for us to perceive than Angels who vibrate on higher planes of energy.  They can be of great help to us, giving guidance and advice, and helping us to recharge our energy by connecting with the energies of nature.

This course attunes you to the Angel Iris, who is the Angel of Nature, the 6 Devas reigning over the elements of Nature (air, fire, water, earth, wood, and metal), and to 14 of the Fairies corresponding to these elements.  The manual contains a method for guidance and support from these beings.  The attunement can help you to communicate with other fairies as well.  After you are attuned to these beings you can ask them for help in everyday life as well as for healing yourself and others, using the elements of nature and appropriate plants that correspond to ailments and illnesses.  The energy can be used with Reiki to enhance your therapeutic work.

Founder:  Edite Peca