Shamanic Energy Healing

We are here on Earth for specific missions.  This attunement helps you to remember what you are here for, to reconnect to Spirit, bring Heaven to Earth, and to make your life the adventure it’s supposed to be.  Becoming aware of your soul and consciously living your divinity is part of spiritual evolution that is enlightenment.  Becoming attuned to this system can help to speed up that process.

Shamanism is defined as the ability to commune with spirits on all levels of Creation.  A shaman is healer who can be either female or male.  She or he seeks healing in non-ordinary reality.  The shaman understands and uses the inner senses to positively effect daily life by accessing these various etheric dimensions.  You can learn to enter the out of the ordinary reality worlds of inner consciousness by using skills that help to develop multi-sensory awareness.  Some of these skills, such as intuition, imagination and creativity help to increase your personal awareness, enabling you to alter your consciousness to “journey” to the other levels of existence.

When negative things happen in life people sometimes tend to suppress the traumatic memories.  This can result in Fragmenting of the Soul as a way of coping and carrying on.  It is a way of protecting the personality when the Soul Fragments containing pain are relegated to unconscious levels of awareness.  When these issues are unresolved you can tend to attract similar situations, people, places and things again.  This attunement teaches a Soul Retrieval process that is a technique to help reclaim these lost soul parts.

You will learn a method of Power Journaling to help with self inquiry, which may lead to discovering how much harmony and balance is in your life.  It can also help you to identify the type of life you want to lead.  You will also learn to understand your behavior and to change your ways to a more spiritual level of being.

The manual discusses the Hopi Prophecy Stone:  The Two Paths, which is a map carved that the Hopi’s left us.  This map was a diagram of the life plan that would guide them through this time in history.  The prophecy reminds us that the way we live our lives determines which path we will follow, and that the choice is ours to make.

Founder:  Dr. Susan Anthony