Tachyon energy is Universal Life Force energy.  It has been used since ancient times and more recently has been verified by the science of modern physics.  This energy strengthens the energetic field and the physical body, right down to the cells, which helps them to maintain balance, harmony and optimum health.

This attunement teaches you to create different types of Tachyon “antennas” in a very simple way.  No fancy equipment is required.  You can make us of glass pebbles and wooden dowels and other easy to obtain and inexpensive items.  They can be used to charge water, vitamins, paint, candles, lotions and massage oils.  It can be used in headbands, wraps, on sheets and as filters for cell phone emissions.  The energy can be programmed for distribution like light from a flashlight or as a more concentrated laser type beam.   The antennas can be created to help with chakra healing and create powerful healing tools charged with the energy. You will be able to create Tachyon antennas to positively charge your environment as well.

The manual teaches you how to perform healing sessions using Tachyon energy.

Founder:  Ole Gabrielsen

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