Thymus Heart Activation With Thymus Enhancement and Immunity Improvement

The Thymus Heart Activation will help to increase your immunity.  Many times when you send your love and compassion out to you others, you are in need of replenishment.  This activation will enable you to quickly replenish your person heart center and radiate Divine Love continuously or at will.

Your thymus chakra is designed to receive Unconditional Love from Sacred Source.  The thymus glad is most active in early life, and usually diminishes as we age.  It represents a person’s openness or closed off perception of their connection with the Divine.  When creativity flows and you are centered in the knowing of your purpose, your thymus physically enlarges and actively improves your immunity.  Feeling safe results in a stronger immune system.

If you already have an awakened, open thymus heart chakra, this activation strengthens it and causes it to easily channel stronger amplitude and frequencies of Divine Love.  This gives you more access to your spiritual gifts.  Continued use of this activation will strengthen and expand your ability to naturally channel Divine Love and enhance your physical thymus.  Its ability to improve your immune system will increase and be responsive in each moment.  You will also be able to radiate Divine Love out to family, friends and even people you don’t know while being shielded at the same time.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture