Dual Lights Energy

Dual Lights energy works with “Red” and “Violet” light, mixing them together to connect all of the chakras.  It has a strong resonance to the root and crown chakras.  It raises your physical vibrations to help overcome fatigue or recovery from physical illness or trauma.

The red light of this system stimulates and strengthens your root chakra, increasing your physical vitality and energetic strength.  Your energy fields are cleansed of negativity and energy blocks, and are aligned for the free flow of energy throughout your being.  Your crown chakra is stimulated by the violet light.  It cleanses and purifies your energetic fields, opening your consciousness to receive guidance and direction for your life’s purpose.

The high vibrational energy of the Dual Lights Energy opens, stimulates and cleanses all of your chakras, allowing you to feel energetically balanced and aligned, connecting all of your being so that you are consciously aware that you are a “Being of Light”.

Dual Lights Energy can be used for the healing of self and others, situations, karmic bands, removing wealth blockages, and for cleansing rooms/places/houses.



Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso