EarthStar Super Radiance

The strong energy of EarthStar Super Radiance heals the earth and us, both emotionally and spiritually.  It resonates strongly through the base and earth chakras, releasing excess energy and spiritually grounding into Mother Gaia.  The radiance of the energy helps us to feel a stronger sense of support and connection to the earth.  EarthStar balances and supports our lower chakras, providing us with a feeling of stability within our lives.  We will feel more grounded, fully present and centered.  It may aid us in being more patient, and content with our life circumstances.  It may relieve anger and resentment, and help us with anxiety stress, or other negative emotional feelings.  This energy gives us useful ways to relieve stress when we are having difficulty coping emotionally with circumstances of our lives.

EarthStar Super Radiance helps to clear the auric field of disharmony, then balances our chakras.  It may bring our vibration to a higher point, preparing us for making contact with spirit.  After our vibration is raised the energy flows through to energize the physical body.  It clears and balances all the chakras, distributing light outwards to create an amazing energetic change.  As the light flows into our aura there is a deep sense of peace and harmony.  Energy blockages from past lives may be able to be healed.

Using this system helps you to release disharmony and stress, aids the healing of physical problems including aches and pains, aids the immune system and helps with calcium absorption.  It brings an influx of energy into the body creating increased sparkle, liveliness, endurance and zest for life.

The manual includes a Breath Grounding Technique, and an Earth Diving Breathing Meditation.



Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso