White Healing and Protection

White Healing and Protection are great tools for clearing, healing and protection that stimulate the Crown Chakra and the previous six chakras.  This system that is a connection with the universe influences the qualities of spiritual will, inspiration, idealism and celestial knowledge.  It can also be used as a healing tool for problems such as headaches, worry, anxiety, immune disorders and more.  It removes fear and raises self-confidence.  As a protection tool this system builds an orb shield that covers you and protects places and clears them of negativity.  The protection can be used for ourselves, and all family members that live with us.



White Healing and Protection can be used for:

*Energy Enhancing

*Protecting Self

*Protecting Others

*Protecting Places

*As a Healing Cleanse

*For Hands On Healing

*Distant Healing



Founder:  Jalu Wasonoadi