Energetic Alignment Attunements 1-7

The Energetic Alignment Attunements are a series of seven energetic empowerments designed to align you to the highest good in your life, gently removing blockages and helping you to more easily create what you want in life.  Because the results of working with this system vary from one individual to another, the energy is not meant as an instant fix although you may see a remarkable improvement in a short period of time if you have experience in working with energy and done a lot of clearing work.

The Seven Attunements and What They Work On:

1. Emotional body – emotional issues and energetic blockages.

2. Physical body – creating space for optimal physical health and well-being.

3. Energetic body – aligning subtle bodies and energies.

4. Relationship energy – helping relationships in the individual’s life to expand to their highest potential.

5. Environmental influences – helping create positive space (home, work, office) that support the individual’s success and well-being.

6. Work and purpose – guiding the individual to the right work and/ or life activities that support their higher purpose.

7. Money and material well-being – providing space for positive money flow from positive sources.

A symbol is provided for each alignment to assist you in working with the energy.

Founder:  Stephanie Brail