Goddess Lilith

Dating to 2300 BCE or earlier, Lilith was the first feminist.  This is likely due to her assertive behavior at a time when patriarchy was new. A Sumerian, Hebrew and Muslim Goddess, she was referred to anciently as the hand of Inanna who gathered males into the temple for sacred sexual rites. In some traditions she was the original wife of Adam, with whom she claimed equality because they were created together in the image of Elohim (a word for God which had feminine as well as masculine linguistic roots).

Through this attunement you will explore the sensuality, eroticism & power of the Goddess Lilith. She is an archetypal power that can be discovered within you. In the words of the founder of this system – May this bring you liberation and the freedom to stand in your own power.  May Lilith bring you rebirth, honor and transformation.  May you be able to fully express your personal freedom and sexual passion.  Rise up and reclaim your Divinity as the Goddess you are.

Founder:  Rosemary Noel