Many ancient cultures held the blue lotus in high esteem.  In Asia and Africa the blue lotus symbolized immortality, in China it was a religious symbol, in both China and India it was a symbol of femininity, and in Japan it represented purity.  It was used to make bread, perfume and medicine.

In Ancient Egypt the blue lotus was used extensively both in everyday ways and for art, symbolizing the origin of life.  Their primary god Ra was believed to have appeared as a beautiful child floating in a great blue lotus.  The blue lotus was used in many areas such as medicine, food, made into tonics for ailments such as liver disease, and funerary ceremonies.

The Level One manual describes the symbolism of many colors of lotuses, white, red, blue, pink and purple as well as the aromatherapy properties of blue lotus.  A Blue Lotus Meditation is given to help with complete relaxation.  You will learn to use the blue lotus and its symbol in healing yourself first, and then after working with this system for 30 days you can use it on others as well.

The Level Two manual is a short Master Manual containing the Blue Lotus Energy Healing Master Symbol.  When using this symbol you will notice an increased energy flow.



Founder:  Ansara Moldave