Crystal Children's Light Empowerment

This is the second in the trilogy New Age Children.  It was channeled to help Crystal Children use the energy, cope and deal with issues they are faced with every day.  Their innate spiritual gifts are often misunderstood.  These children need extra understand, love, coping skills, support and much more than other generations that came before them.

Crystal Children have been appearing on the planet since about the year 2000.  They are the “peacemakers”, exemplifying what the future of earth looks like.  Their main purpose is to take us to the next level of our evolution, and reveal to us our inner power and divinity.

The manual teaches you about the most common and basic characteristics of Crystal Children, and experiences that can be gone through during the transition from Indigo Child/Adult to the Crystal Phase.

This energy can help to deal with the typical issues that Crystal Children face, especially dealing with issues of fear and protection, and creating safe places where they do not feel vulnerable, and can openly use and discuss their abilities.  It is a multi-functional form that can be used by parents, or the Crystals themselves.  Even very young children can be attuned to this system.  Their vibrations match the energy of Crystal Children’s Light so they will automatically know how to use it.  This powerful system is very simple to use.  It can be called upon in any way that suits you, there are no specific rituals, symbols or sayings required.

Prerequisite:  Indigo Children’s Light Empowerment

Founder:  Nicole Lanning