Rainbow Children's Light EmpowermentThis is the final empowerment channeled in the trilogy series of New Age Children.  It works with the Rainbow children, who are the next wave of children after the Crystal Children and the Indigo children.  They are here to assist us with the next stage of our ascension.  They can be described as “pure love”.  They are the embodiment of our divinity and an example of our potential.  They have never lived on this planet before, so they choose parents who are spiritually aware, are mostly Crystal Children themselves, and have peaceful households to raise them in.  These special children require extra physical support, with parents who remain open to their gifts.

The Rainbow Children are at their spiritual peak and have come to help humanity evolve.  Hey are generally born in the year 2010 or after.  Most will be born between 2010 and 2030.  Their purpose is to complete the final stages of the foundation that the Indigo and Crystal Children have made.  Each have their own specific tasks to perform.  The Rainbow Children are here to build upon what the Indigo and Crystal Children began.  They are from a higher dimension of consciousness, already attuned to the world we are moving towards.  They seem to be sent here to implement Divine Will, and they love unconditionally.

The manual describes the characteristics of Rainbow Children.  This energy is to help Crystal Parents to help their Rainbow Children.  The children to not need to be attuned to the energy, as they are already connected with everything in the Universe.  This empowerment is to help parents understand and better relate to these wonderful children, to protect them, communicate with them, and work on issues of healing that may be needed emotionally or spiritually.  The energy is very simple for parents to use.  The Rainbow Children already have access to it themselves.

Prerequisites:  Indigo Children’s Light Empowerment and Crystal Children’s Light Empowerment.

Founder:  Nicole Lanning