Ajna Chakra Flush




The Ajna Chakra or Third Eye is the command center of the psychic body that connects you to clear sight, clear insight, intuition and imagination.

A Blocked Ajna Chakra Can Result In:
Cloudy Perception
Difficulty Concentrating
Poor Memory
Inability To Visualize
Headaches/Earaches/Sinus Issues
Overactive/Underactive Imagination
Obstructed Life Purpose
Unreliable Intution
Decreased Psychic Sensitivity

A balanced Ajna Chakra Can Result In:
Intuitive Insight
Unclouded Perception
Psychic Sensitivity Is Increased
Crystal Clear Life Purpose
Strong Visualizations
Stronger Connection To The Divine
Stronger Connection To Your Spirit Guides, Angels
Ability To Concentrate Is Increased
Lucid Insights
Telepathic Communications

When your ajna chakra is blocked it is filled with residual energy and may compromise your physical, emotional and spiritual health.  The Ajna Chakra Flush will flush residual and toxic energies, replacing them with pure, unadulterated light,  leaving your chakra spinning, bright and clear.

There is one symbol in this system.

Founder:  Rosemary Noel