High Spiritual Energy Flush



High Spiritual Energy Flush flushes out hurt and loss, removes toxins created by soul-shattering events in current or past lives, and cleanses the thymus. It can powerfully detoxify negative energy from your aura, bringing catharsis that clears the emotional blueprint and cellular memory. It also can help soul fragments to return, wipe the Akashic Record clean and reprogram soul and cellular memory. You can use this energy to increase spiritual attunement and remove ingrained resistance to spiritual awakening.

High Spiritual Energy Flush is a powerful energetic modality imbued with life force that expedites profound change and helps you to learn from your mistakes. It connects spirit and mind with the emotional body, bringing reorientation of your inner being.

A meditation is included in the manual to help you connect to the energies of this system. You can also activate the flush by intention both for yourself and others both in person and distantly.



Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso