Intuition 999

Intuition is ultimately behind all creativity.  Intuition is the talent to make a good decision right away, a “gut” feeling.  It is rapid insight into relationships, the unconscious reasons for a particular decision, inner logic and a flash of inspiration.  Intuition can be a preview of a future event, or knowledge that can advance both our selves, and others.

In this high frequency inauguration, your intuition channel is opened by Jesus.  Energetic blockages are simultaneously removed from your third eye and crown chakra and all your chakras are energized.  With this cleansing and energizing your healing abilities can open up.  Concentration, memory, and speed of thought process are increased.  You will get access to a huge potential for creativity.What you will learn in this system:

Working with the United Chakrenfeld and energy development

A meditative technique to expand and use your intuition

Practical exercises to expand and use your intuition

A practical exercise with a partner

A purification ritual



Founder:  Ellen Dana’s Stamer