Leopard EmpowermentLeopard hunts at night.  Leopard medicine is about feeling one’s way in the dark. We can call upon Leopard for the ability to understand the mysteries of the darkness, the subconscious, the shadow aspect of our innermost selves.  As silent and inconspicuous hunters, leopards are very good at stalking prey, moving without being seen.  This allows them to observe situations with clarity.  Leopard medicine people have strong intuitive abilities.  Learning to trust these inner instincts is part of their life lesson.  Leopard can teach you how to conquer conflict in a balance way.  Leopard can help you to release pent up emotions such as anger, or frustrations and physical issues.

This attunement can teach you how to begin the process of integrating with your totem animal.  You will learn how to welcome and acknowledge your totem, to merge with the spirit of that animal, and how to encounter them in the dreamtime.  A visualization is included in the manual for Connecting With Totem Animals.

Founder:  Brenda “Silverwolf” Hanlon