Mugwort Herbal Essence




Herbs benefit our health and well-being by cleansing, balancing and healing us on many levels.  Mugwort Herbal Essence teaches you how to use the properties of mugwort etherically, as an essence and an elixir.  You will be able to benefit from the spiritual healing of this herb without needing to have the actual herb on hand.

The manual teaches you about the herb mugwort and contains:

Healing Properties

Metaphysical Properties

Latin Name

Folk Names

About Mugwort

Medicinal Properties

Mugwort Herbal Essence Elixir

Mugwort Moxabustion Session

Metaphysical Properties of Mugwort

Ethereal Mugwort Oil

Mugwort Water

Ethereal Mugwort Energies

Sharing Energies With Others

Founder:  Rosemary Noel