Spiritual Power Influx System

Spiritual Power Influx System teaches you to use universal healing energy with conscious intent in your own unique way.  This system is based on the belief that there is a greater force outside, above and beyond us that has the potential to heal.  All forms of healing create vibrations in the subtle bodies.  The vibrations of this attunement can be used externally or internally to stimulate spiritual healing and open the channels to fully allow the flow of this energy into your personal aura, and help you to receive the spiritual outpouring which is constantly radiating down from the cosmos.  The energies are activated by intention to be used on yourself or others.

Ways to use the Spiritual Power Influx System:

For attunement to the spiritual source of healing.

To bring a greater degree of acceptance to those who are struggling to accept their situation and move more freely with the flow.

As a flux to help the flow of energy throughout the whole of the subtle anatomy.

For depression but still searching for hope.

For those who are in despair, at the point of giving up, lacking any hope of regaining well-being.

Universally for any condition.



Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso