Brighid’s Healing Waters Empowerment connects you to the Goddess Brighid and her waters of the sacred well for healing and empowerment.  Brighid’s Healing Waters are sacred and known to possess great healing energies and more.  The energies of this system can enhance your ability to heal yourself and others, as well as plants, animals and the Earth.  It teaches you to make empowered water for use with healing, blessing, manifestation and projection rituals.  You will be filled with pure love and compassion, as well as the inspiration of Goddess Brighid.

The manual includes a symbol for use in making Brighid’s Healing Waters that can be used for many purposes including but not limited to the following list.  You can also ask Spirit to guide you in other ways to use the Waters.

Healing of people, animals and plants

Chakra healing to be used prior to meditation

Aura healing





Founder:  Linda Colibert