Celestial Abundance Encoding

During your attunement to Celestial Abundance Encoding you will receive an ethereal crystal imprinted into your energy field.  Ethereal crystals subtly shift your energy field to contain the properties, spirit and natural vibrations of a specific crystal.  The Ethereal Citrine used in Celestial Abundance Encoding is a citrine that has been programmed with a specific energy “message” that came from a tribe of Celestial Light Beings known as the Pleiadians.  The Pleiadians are highly evolved spiritual beings that provide support for us on our ascension journey and help to accelerate our spiritual evolution.  The Pleiadians have been on Earth in the past, particularly during the time of the Lemurians.  This helps them to understand the issues we face during our physical incarnations.


The Celestial Citrine is activated for abundance, prosperity and success to help you draw these vibrations to yourself, creating favorable energy vibrations within your aura.  You will learn to activate the energies of the citrine by a very simple method to create changes in your energy field.  It is a very energizing energy.  Once your vibrations are changed to include this energy, you may share the effect with others both in person and at a distance.  It can be used to enhance many kinds of abundance including financial, love, health, happiness and peace, and may be used in combination with other healing modalities.



Founder:  Anna May