Energy Transference LightWork connects you to your Higher Self and Spirit for empowerment and raising your vibration.  With these magickal energies you will learn how to improve your life, enhance your psychic abilities and strengthen your healing energies.  This powerful attunement helps to speed spiritual growth, and protects so that only positive energy transferences are allowed within your energy fields.

Energy transference is the moving of energy from one person, place or thing to another.  It can be done both consciously when you intend to, or unconsciously when it happens without your intention.  These are not spiritual energies, but instead are those that come “from within you”, such as feelings of unconditional love.  If we don’t cleanse ourselves of negative energies they could also be transferred.  With this attunement you will learn to transfer negative energies in several ways so that they are not transferred to others, such as placing them into a stone, and then either cleansing it or disposing of it, or by sending them into Mother Earth for healing and transmutation into positive energies.

Two symbols will assist you in working with the energies of this system:

The Energy Transference LightWork Program Symbol:

This symbol can be used to send healing to people, places, things, animals, plants, etc., or to transfer energies into an item such as a candle or a crystal.  Once an item is charged with any intention you program into it, you can then  give it to another person to provide them with a continuous flow of healing, or for prosperity, blessings or many other uses.

The Energy Transference LightWork Program Protection Symbol:

This symbol can protect you from negative energy transferences sent to you either consciously or unconsciously to prevent them from entering your energy field or attaching to you in any way.

Founder:  Linda Colibert