Love Light Synthesis Reiki

Love Light Synthesis Reiki assists with your ascension, anchoring greater amounts of love and light into your being, building on the vibration that you already hold.  Love and light are the essence of the Creator’s soul.  When they are embodied, you are able to expand your physical and mental boundaries in order to exist as truth and as a liberated high vibration being.

Love is one of the most magnificent energies available to humanity with the power to transform, uplift and heal.  It opens all your energy systems, chakras and the soul so that a greater awakening and unity with the Creator can be experienced.  Love removes all ties so that freedom and expansion may be comprehended and anchored into your spiritual practices and growth.

Light is the very essence of everything that creates the Earth and Universe of the Creator.  The vibrations that Light holds contain the wisdom, spirit, will, truth and power of the Universe and the Creator.  The influence of Light brings an openness to new levels of energy and consciousness that will integrate into your being and life, furthering your ascension, helping you to exist as a beacon of light.

This system is supervised by Lord Buddha, and holds the planetary white ray of light from his ashram and ascension seat at Shamballa.  This pure white light is the highest vibration of energy available on our planet.  It embodies all rays, colors and vibrations of light.  This energy is pure, peaceful and enlightening.  Lord Maitreya works closes with Lord Buddha, integrating the Christ Consciousness, which is a golden color into the white planetary ray of light.  Also integrated into the white ray of light are pink light and blue light, which are the energies of love.

When receiving the energy of Love Light Synthesis Reiki, layers and levels of light will form a wave at the edge of your aura, resulting in a continuous increase in your light and love quotients.  When emanating or receiving Reiki, you will anchor the additional energy, channeled by Lord Melchizedek, that has been infused to create this system.  He is an extremely high vibrational being who has a deep connection with the heart of the Creator, and acts as overseer of the Earth, Planetary, Solar and Galactic Levels of the Creator’s Universe.  The energies increase as you continue to work with this system.

Founder:  Pamela Caddy