Back CareBack Care energy system brings you easy to activate, soothing comfort for your back care needs.  The Back Care Team are helping, healing, responsive beings of love, light and life who bring you immediate energy assistance.  Back pain can occur as a result of many different reasons, and any type of back issues can be lessened with Back Care!

Your spine, which is houses in your back give you the structural integrity and ability to stand upright and bend in various ways.  Back pain can arise not only from bones in your back, but also from strained muscles or tendons.  Emotional records of a wound, worry or fear can be held in your back even when you don’t consciously recognize why your muscles are constantly tight.    These muscles are already stressed and one wrong move can bring much more pain than you already were in.  This system works both etherically with your emotional concerns. The spiritual energy it delivers is received physically by your body as replenishing and soothing of all your back’s physical components.   The energy is delivered to the exact areas where you need it most by Eternal Beings of Love, Light and Love. Back Care energy system brings you individualized assistance to bring comfort and heal underlying issues about your back.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture