Blood CareBlood Care cleanses your blood and removes genetic maladies in your blood’s DNA, arising from family genetic lines going back for seven generations.  Any previous forms your spirit has been in can bring genetic incompatibilities that can also be flushed away.  You can also be infused with the genetic strengths  you may have had in other incarnations that are beneficial to you now in this lifetime, while in this physical body.

Blood Care Level 1:

BLOOD CARE SESSION:  this is an energy session provided by the CARE team, which means Calling all Responsive Eternals, who are beings dedicated and in alignment ONLY with Eternal Love, Light and Love energies.  it cleanses your blood of impurities and toxins.

GENETIC MALADY REMOVAL:  this is designed to remove dis-eases or maladies that you may have a genetic predisposition to in this lifetime.  Adverse karmic effects are also attended to by this function, which helps to remove distorted instructions within your blood’s DNA structure.

The next two functions are PATERNAL GENETIC WEAKENSS FLUSH and MATERNAL GENETIC WEAKNESS FLUSH:  both work very effectively with coding from parents as well and also go back genetically to the seven generations before you to relieve parental patterns that may not be the patterns you have grown to choose for yourself.

PREVIOUS FORM GENENTIC INCOMPATIBILITY WEAKNESS FLUSH:  is designed to flush away DNA imprints that arrive with you in this lifetime that are detrimental for you, stemming from various experiences you have had in other lifetimes.  This function shuts off DNA instructions that are incompatible with your current body.

OTHER FORM GENETIC INCOMPATIBILITY FLUSH:  this flush can be used if you feel that somehow a physical form you may have in the future or that you inhabit in your night dreams or spiritual journey time is adversely affecting your physical health that can be a genetic form whose active DNA instructions aren’t compatible with yours.

PREVIOUS INCARNATION GENETIC STRENGTH INFUSION:  this is designed to bring you an infusion of any DNA instructions that will be beneficial to your current physical form, possibly bringing various skills and attributes of physical dexterity.


Blood Care Level 2:

MY BLOOD:  a wonderful energy function that assists your body especially if you have had a blood transfusion to transform the foreign blood into your blood, matching it to your energy vibration.  It reduces the time it takes for your body to adjust to the new blood.

BLOOD OF LIFE INFUSION:  this infuses you with eternal life energy from the Creator Goddess to bring revitalization to your entire body.  It uplifts, fortifies and supports you from the inside, through and through your body and being.

BLOOD OXYGEN:  helps your blood cells carry and deliver more oxygen.  It helps your red blood cells absorb more oxygen even when there is a reduced quantity of air present.

In order to pass this system to others you must be A Reiki or Seichim Master Teacher.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture